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MDVM_HS_Hat Users Support Group ******  share this group with others  ****** A Place to have a collaborative discussion about : mmdvm_hs_hat, 3Dprinted case, setup, This group is a "Special Interest Group" and as so it is intended to inform members with the latest news and support regarding the Amateur HAM Radio MMDVM Hotspots, the use for HAM-Radio solutions It is a group by HAM operators for (candidate) HAM operators and members are encouraged to share there experience and help each other. Content, including links to other groups and or url's, are the responsibility by the person who posted it; in no circumstance the admin, moderators or other members can be hold responsible. See the Disclaimer at the end of this message. Irrelevant content, including political or religious items or pictures, will be removed. No commercial links or advertisements without prior approval by Admin are allowed. Honest customer reviews are permitted, but we ask you to mark them as such to avoid confusion as an ad. ** If you post something and it "disappears", changes are it was removed by an admin or moderator, don't continue to repost it ** Have fun Admins & Moderators Official firmware  - LINKS HERE MMDVM_HS_Hat Users Support Group MMDVM HS Hat hotspot blog Github  : MMDVM_HS_HAT @ Github Twitter #MMDVM_HS_Hat  - Zello channels  -  MMDVM_HS_hat -  VOICE Discussion / Chat Official firmware  - Created by : Jonathan Naylor #FBPE (@G4KLX) - MMDVM Andy (CA6JAU) (@juribeparada) - MMDVM Mathis Schmieder‏ (@DB9MAT) Flo (DF2ET)‏ (@flo_0_) ========================================== HAM-Radio screens (NEXTION, OLED) Nextion HMI LCD Touch Display MMDVM  (Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem) HAM RADIO HOTSPOT -  MMDVM MMDVM discussion questions ZUMspot discussion questions Jumbospot discussion questions Bruce Given - ZUMspot ========================================== DISCLAIMER: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ADMINS OR MODERATORS FROM THIS GROUP BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE IN ANY WAY FOR ANY CONTENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY ERRORS OR OMISSIONS IN THE CONTENT, OR FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND INCURRED AS A RESULT OF ANY CONTENT COMMUNICATED ON THIS PAGE, WHETHER BY ADMINS, MODERATORS OR A THIRD PARTY. IN NO EVENT SHALL ADMINS OR MODERATORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER RESULTING FROM LOSS OF USE, DATA OR PROFITS ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE AVAILABILITY, USE OR PERFORMANCE OF ANY INFORMATION COMMUNICATED ON THIS PAGE. Group Type Support
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    MMDVM-HS-Hat  [ Inception Designs ]  Owners Support In an effort to maintain support for the owners of that quality product the  MMDVM-HS-Hat  [ *Inception Designs* ]  this group exist and is invite only. Your enter to this group support is the purchase of the device and for supporting HAM RADIO MAIN :: OWNER group for questions and support.    NO OTHER DEVICES ****  please have one of the follow TWITTER a message with your ID as proof you are a device owner to be added to the group *** * MMDVM-HS-Hat  [ Inception Designs ] Created by : Jonathan Naylor #FBPE (@G4KLX) - MMDVM Andy (CA6JAU) (@juribeparada) - MMDVM Mathis Schmieder‏ (@DB9MAT) - MMDVM_HS_HAT Flo (DF2ET)‏ (@flo_0_) - MMDVM_HS_HAT ***  please have one of the follow TWITTER a message with your ID as proof you are a device owner to be added to the group *** THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT MMDVM-HS-Hat  [ Inception Designs ]
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